Compensations, Benefits & Compliances

A satisfied employee is the key to the success of every company. Employees are, without argument, the most crucial asset of a company. Dissatisfaction and underperformance sets in when expectations do not match reality. Fair, adequate and timely recompense is the best way to retain human talent. We also take care that the laws of the land are complied with in totality. Unless handled meticulously, some important aspect may be overlooked leading to serious repercussions. The full range of integrated Human Resources Outsourcing offered by IRIS-Corp includes statutory compliance services, set out from formation of legal prepositions to procedural compliance. Our spectrum of compensations, benefits & compliances ensures that

  • All employees are paid the right quantum of salary effectively contributing to high organizational productivity.
  • Wages and perks will be in the hands of the employees on time, every time.
  • Commitments made at the time of hiring shall be fully honored.
  • Prompt response will be given to any queries raised
  • Employee feedback will be published along with resolution of the issues raised.
  • Helpline would provide instant support to the employees’ need.
  • Taxation – Deduction of tax at source (TDS) shall be correctly computed.
  • All labor law related issues and management of statutory records.
  • Compliance with labor & industrial laws.
  • Employees PF and State Insurance and related functions.
  • Preparation and Filing of PF/ESI Challans as per applicability and statutory requirement.