HR Backend Support / Shared Services

Why shared services? Companies doing challenging business cannot afford to devote its precious time and manpower to non core activities i.e. HR related issues. We have simplified each process and have devised integrated solutions which are designed to handle the entire activities of HR functions. Availing our services makes perfect business sense because those are cost effective, structured, adaptable and readily accessible. Just login to our i-HCRM (Integrated Human Capital Relation Management) System and get instant access to informations of every employee of your company. IRIS-Corp ensures that you enjoy the full potential of shared services and backend support. Opting for shared HR services translates into :

  • More efficient service delivery and instant accessibility to critical information.
  • Freedom from all queries / time consuming activities which would otherwise keep your HR officials occupied, eating into their precious time.
  • Cost benefits as a result of cutting Staff numbers, both in terms of wages and use of infrastructural facilities resulting in enhanced process efficiencies and increased productivity.
  • Meeting deadlines and using the vast expertise available with us to resolve even the most vexing issues.
  • Achieving the business benefits by leveraging to strong backup support with streamlined processes rightly configured and professionally implemented.