Sourcing / Talent Acquisition / Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

IRIS-Corp understands the corporate quest for acquiring the best available talent. We do not believe in just filling a vacancy in place of someone who has left or has been promoted. We do not believe in hiring people who are just looking out for a job change. Rather, we identify, assess, assimilate and give you on a platter, talented individuals whom your company is searching fervently.

IRIS-Corp has access to a virtually unlimited talent pool which has been painstakingly culled after extensive research. Human capital search is the most intricate art of linking talent with the right company. We create an HR strategy to match your business goals. IRIS-Corp does not just search talent for you….it searches business solutions. Our exacting standards ensure that :

  • Only proven talent and accomplished hands get a foothold in your company.
  • Micro-profiling is a pre-requisite for every referral made by us to establish the right connections.
  • We choose the right employee, not the best employee.
  • Our exhaustive screening process eliminates any chance of a mismatch.